Valters Pudans

About Me

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My Story


My name is Valters Pudans, I’m lifestyle,travel & portrait photographer born and raised in Latvia with passion for travel and life outdoors. After living half of my twenties in different cities around the world yet daydreaming about the wide world out there, I decided to make a change, I sold everything that was no need to me, converted a VW T3 van into a litte cabin on the wheels and hit the road in the early summer of 2019.

When I’m not working on projects, you can find me somewhere in the forest, by a lake or river, sitting by a fire place with book in my hands or I’m heading towards my next adventure.

With unique approach to life, I bring unique approach to my craft and every project I take on, so let’s work together and create something marvelous.

Skills and Attainments

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premier
Adobe Photoshop
Drone piloting

Services and prices


Photography for individuals, brands
& companies.

Aerial drone photography & videography.

Real estate photography & videography.